Black Sabbath
Moody Blue
Pink Floyd
Red Rooster
Mellow Yellow
Standard Game (4 secrets) 0.5 - 1.5 hrs
Long Game (7 secrets) 2 - 4 hrs


Select the Spies and the number of secrets you want in the game, then press 'Enter'. Payment options will appear and once payment has been made the access code needed to play as each of the Spies selected will appear in the grid above. The price of a game is £15 for any number of players. Much cheaper than real life Escape Rooms!


The Mole can be played by 2 to 8 players on any device that has a good Internet connection. Players don't have to be in the same room. Thanks to the Internet they can be anywhere in the world, so this is a good way of getting together when you can't get together. There is even a messaging system within the game, so you can chat whilst playing.

The more players the better. With only 2 players if you're not The Mole it's pretty obvious who is, so the need to unearth The Mole is missing. However the game is still a strategic tussle of cat-and-mouse trying to prevent your opponent from collecting all the secrets before you do so it can still be a lot of fun, but with every extra player the task of exposing The Mole becomes more complex and more sneaky tricks need to be employed. More players means more intrigue!

TIP: To have more Spies in the game than you have players the more experienced players can operate 2 or more Spies by opening the game in more than one tab of their browser and logging in as a different Spy in each. Although this might be a tad confusing if this is your first game!

The time taken for games is only a guesstimate as strategic play between seasoned players can prolong games considerably. If you need to take a break players can simply exit the game and log in again at a later date using the same access code. Up to 3 months later! As well as being displayed here the access codes will be emailed to you so you have a record of them.

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